MTK Metal-Komerc is the winner of the Užice City Certificate of Appreciation, the highest recognition for merits and actions that contribute to the overall development of Uzice.

“I would like to thank you for this award, which confirms that we have done something good, not only in the domain of personal careers, but also that we have done something beneficial to the common good. It was said that, to be reckognized for what you do in your own community, is the most difficult. Therefore, I believe that these awards have great significance and importance to all winners, "said Marija Đurić, Director of Quality department at MTK Metal-Komerc.

MTK Metal-komerc doo - renowned European supplier of tools

MTK is one of the leading European suppliers of  hard metal tools and steel tools, which successfully sells its products to foreign markets for almost 30 years. It offers to its customers a very wide selection of tools, which are used in almost all industries: wire, tube and sheet processing industry, fastener industry, automotive, pharmacy, defence industry...

The company has about 100 employees, mostly young and well-trained staff.

The Mayor of Uzice visited MTK Metal-komerc, within the program "100 days in 100 companies"

The basic aim of the program is to improve cooperation between businessmen and public institutions in Uzice. Accordingly, the plan is that the top leaders of the city of Uzice in the first 100 days of government visits 100 private companies that operate in the city of Uzice and thus become more familiar with the needs and problems of the private sector. Through direct interview on the spot, with employers, who are certainly responsible for the development of local communities, will define the ways in which local governments can provide concrete support to the private sector.